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FOCUS 855 - 55cm Portable Satellite System


The FOCUS 855HD is a complete satellite kit which includes the revolutionary EASY-FIND LNB and the new HD receiver system that allows you to find and view the free-to-air satellite channels with ease and simplicity

What it does - It makes locating the free-to-air satellite channels the simplest of tasks
EASY-FIND is a combination of the unique LNB with integrated tri-colour LED and specially programmed satellite receiver

Astra 2D Coverage:

40cm dish - England & Wales
55cm dish - As per 40cm + Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands & Northern France
65cm dish - As per 55cm + Central France
80cm dish - As per 65cm + Southern France, West Germany, Switzerland

What's in the box:

  • 55cm Satellite Dish
  • EASY-FIND New Line HD Receiver (Free-To-Air)
  • Carry Bag
  • Aluminium portable tripod and securing ground pegs
  • 10m Coax Cable With Fitted Plugs
  • HDMI Lead
  • Compass
  • 12v Power Lead
  • 240v Mains Power Lead
  • Infrared magic eye for HD Receiver
  • Step By Step Setting Up Instructions